Hey, I'm Jerllin!

pronounced (jur-leen), like the song

I'm a Brooklyn-based digital strategist who is really a tinkerer and experimenter at heart. The real point of this website is so that if you Google me, you'll learn how to pronouce my name without me having to be awkward about it in person. 😉

To learn more about me or to contact me, just press the down arrow or swipe up.

About Me

While I’m currently working as a product manager at a product shop, I’ve spent time in education, advertising, and production.

Generally speaking, I'm a problem-solver, especially in the digital space. And in today's interdisciplinary design landscape, my diverse work experience has really come in handy: I brought big corporate know-how to an independent agency; production experience, digital marketing chops, and creative friction to higher ed; and academic rigor to management consulting and financial services. Along the way, I've helped market some of your favorite ice cream brands, create some of the more controversial spirits commercials and ads, launch the world's first joint US/Sino research university, and build custom video platforms to deliver better business insight. Outside of work, I play and make (pretty average) music, and write words that I hope makes people feel things.

I'm a double graduate of NYU, most recently of NYU Tisch's Interactive Telecommunications Program. Say hi at coffeetostayplease [at] gmail [dot] com.